Liam Dunaway, interdisciplinary
designer and filmmaker.

I want my work to:

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Set brands into motion.

Brand identity is constructed through a carefully defined visual language but is often lacking when it comes to standards for video and motion content. With the ubiquity of online video, the most effective brands are translating their standards into a filmic grammar of color, composition, camera movement, sound design and narrative structure.

Share meaningful stories.

Telling Dreams is a documentary trilogy investigating the artistic and therapeutic power of sharing dreams with others. Made in collaboration with architect and dreamworker Michelle MacNeil.

Humanize the corporate image.

Image making is a social practice that reaches out to others. Used in the right way, the creation of images for marketing, advertising or brand identity can facilitate new conversations, new relationships, and produce stronger communities.

Keep print alive.

Printed objects provide for an increasingly rare tactile brand experience. The physicality of brand identity is often overlooked, but substrate material, ink chemistry and binding style are all indications of a brand's quality and attention to detail.

Celebrate makers.

The best creative work is always the product of collaboration. Call it solidarity if you must, but I love the opportunity to use my narrative skills to help showcase the work of other artists

Serve brands that matter.
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