Liam Dunaway /// Spaces + Objects

ZONES: 106 Potential Plateaus (Installation view), 2012
Polyethylene film, one-way screws, glass beads, desk lamp, maps, compass, theoretical documents
Gallery 788, Baltimore MD


Exterior monument for UNICEF Denmark (built), 2012
Elements from the demolished UNICEF warehouse in Copenhagen were recovered and installed on the grounds of a newly constructed automated distribution facility nearby.
Enclosing approx. 7x3x3 meters of space
Client: Peter Østergaard, UN Supply Division, DK
Demolition & Construction: G. Tscherning A/S


Vine-channeled Basket, 2011
Locally sourced parasitic vines incorporated into cotton canvas channels to form the armature of a low-impact rigid tote. Constructed as part of the 100-Mile Design Challenge between MICA and University of Washington. Exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City.


Guest artist residence for Rem Koolhaas, 2011
This intervention explores the dialectic between exhibitionism & spectatorship developed in Rem Koolhaas’ 1972 project, EXODUS, by testing strategies of inclusion & exclusion against the interaction of the core spatial constructs of an artist’s profession: the studio & the gallery. Taking the form of a panopticon, the artist’s residence surveys his gallery of work from a glazed cell embedded into the slope of the site. In search of privacy, the artist descends to the most intimate depths of his home seated atop a hydraulic platform—-an elevator that navigates the verticality between garret and cellar via a shaft that brings light into the bedroom only when it is occupied. Featured in the student showcase of the AIA Baltimore Design Awards and "Network (Temporary Permanent Collection)" at D Center Baltimore.


Untitled (Fabrication Technologies), 2010
MICA Station Building, temporary installation
Approx. 2x2x1m, steel, wood, cement


Untitled (Single Channel Light Sculpture), 2010
02:15 loop, 4 fluorescent bulbs (unpowered) + rear LCD projection


Modular Flatpack Storage, 2010


Despina (Game), 2009
Inspired by Italo Calvino's novel Invisible Cities, Despina is a game that challenges two players to construct opposing three-dimensional paths for a spherical "traveller".

3D space & object design experiments